"To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek Him the greatest adventure; to find Him, the greatest human achievement."  –St. Augustine 

Spiritual Direction is the exploration of the presence of God in our lives through the creation of a sacred space facilitated by a Spiritual Director.  We use both a Christ-centered and person-centered approach to accompany you on the narrow way.

Drawing from the Catholic understanding of the human person, our Spiritual Director will help you to connect with God's unfolding plan for your life.  Using transformative listening informed by the theological and human sciences, you will experience growth in self-knowledge and the grace that comes with using this knowledge to deepen in your relationship with Christ.

Spiritual Direction shines a light on the spiritual matters and supernatural realities that mingle with a person's daily life and social interactions.  Drawing from processes and theories related to human relationships, this powerful form of intentional discipleship can bring about transformation, flourishing and healing.

Our Spiritual Director can help you to recognize the movements of the Holy Spirit by distinguishing psychological or emotional factors from the spiritual.  This recognition can uncover truths that impede spiritual development or strengthen it. 

Spiritual direction focuses on helping a person to mature in their spiritual life.  Prayer, discernment, virtue and one's current spiritual state are a few of many areas that can be explored.  The growth of Christ within the soul and achievement of an intimate relationship with Him are sought within the context of a person's unique context and needs.

Biblical Based DISC Behavior & Communication Workshops & Assessments

Our Biblical Based DISC workshops and assessments help participants explore how our individual personalities affect every aspect of our lives and how to recognize our strengths and weaknesses that affect our relationship with God and the people around us.  Participants are provided with strategies to improve self-awareness, handle conflict and personality clashes effectively, and help us to better live our Christian virtues through effective communication and relationship development within our families, churches, communities, and places of work.

Spiritual Retreats

Our retreats are designed with you in mind by certified Spiritual Directors, ordained Catholic clergy, and experts who have been thoughtfully selected to inspire, educate, and accompany the faithful on their spiritual journey.

Call or email us today to learn more or schedule your first session with one of our Spiritual Directors.  We're excited to begin your journey of spiritual growth together.

It is understood that the spiritual direction relationship pertains to and concerns the spiritual life of the directee.  It does not directly concern itself with psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or medical practice of any kind.  Additionally, anything written on this webpage is not intended to replace professional psychological, medical, or mental health advice. 

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